Admin / Office Manager

Job Description

operating duty

  1. Responsible for the daily administrative management, such as office leasing and management, administrative and logistics support, company registration changes, meeting organization and preparation, etc..
  2. Responsible for the personnel management, contract renewal/ termination, employee relations, benefits, payroll, etc..
  3. Responsible for basic recruitment, such as recruitment channels maintenance, resume search, etc..
  4. Responsible for basic financial affairs, such as payment, financial documents management, etc..
  5. Accomplish the temporary tasks assigned by the superior.


  1. Bachelor degree or above, legal citizen or permanent resident of Singapore is preferred;
  2. At least 2 years of administrative working experience, including at least 1 year of local recruitment experience in Singapore.
  3. Familiar with relevant local labor laws and regulations in Singapore.
  4. Have a passion for learning.
  5. Fluent in English and fluent in Mandarin;
  6. Internet industry background is preferred.