Job Description

  1. Monitor number of supplies, and anticipate, plan and estimate adequate quantity requirements to cater to changes in consumption quantities during peak and off-peak days.
  2. Unpack, prepare, distribute and display food and beverage
  3. Prepare buffet display and arrangements.
  4. Check that the food and beverage are adequate and replenished, ensuring that all food and beverage must be one-quarter full at all times.
  5. Check and ensure food are not displayed for too long. Food not consumed within four (4) hours should be disposed.
  6. Ensure cleanliness of the bar, cutlery, crockery and glasses and remove used cutlery, crockery and glasses from buffet counter area.
  7. Top up cutlery, crockery and glasses to ensure sufficient quantities for use (i.e., at least half the display space for cutlery, glassware, crockery etc. should be filled).
  8. Preparation of food items e.g., blanching and preparation of noodles, preparing wraps & sandwiches etc.
  9. Ensure backend workstations are kept neat, uncluttered and clean at all times, and that safety standards are not compromised. FSAs must also ensure that kitchen equipment, for example, ovens, steamers, fridges used are kept clean at all times, notwithstanding that periodic deep-cleaning is carried out by SIA or its representatives.
  10. Report immediately and/or obtain help to rectify maintenance problems.
  11. Assist passengers with food and beverage at the buffet, help with the buffet equipment and assist with their F&B queries, if any.
  12. Proactive and creative in offering alternative F&B options to passengers’ requests if standard offering is not available. Attendants must therefore be familiar with the F&B offerings in First and Business Class lounge buffet and bar areas, as well as all menu cycles.
  13. Provision and preparation of all matters relating to food & beverage provision e.g., food tags, menus, menu changes, amendments etc.

Job Requirement:

  • Presentable
  • Basic English & Physically fit
  • Staying within East area
  • 6 days week